Winter Welcome

 Hello, and welcome to my first journal entry!

Wherever I have lived, I have had an innate desire to bring bits from the outside season into my home.   way to display whatever is currently blooming or changing. It is temporal act, but one that has brought about an appreciation for the changing seasons. It has created a desire to be present and notice the transitions and constants that surround me. It has led me to create and design alongside the present season. 

This appreciation and noticing hasn't been limited to the meteorological seasons, it has also spilled over into my life transitions and changes that have occurred over time. I will cover more of that in a future blog, but for the purpose of this intro, seasons are important to me. 

Five years ago I began a floral business. It that gave me an opportunity to continue doing what I had been doing for years, creating and designing with flowers.  This flower journey has led to doing florals for events, elopements, engagements, weddings, deliveries, subscriptions, pop-ups, product shoots, and styled shoots. These opportunities have given me an  abundance of experience and different scenarios to create and design. Recently, I decided to move away from doing events and into creating artful floral pieces. This little store is where I will share the items which have been inspired by the natural world around me. 

I look forward to sharing more in the future, but for now thank you for being here. My hope is for you to be inspired and take notice of what you have in your own present season.    

With Gratitude, Heather


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